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Johan Kriek

Johan is based in Sarasota, Florida, USA and is 2-time Australian Open Champion and 4-time Wimbledon Senior Doubles Champion. He continues to compete in tournaments around the country and regularly takes part in fundraising events outside GWF activities to help raise money in the fight against cancer. Johan is a native of South Africa and co-founded the GWF with Minnie Hildebrand, a veteran in the water and sanitation sectors. They founded the Global Water Foundation after attending the Africa Economic Summit of the World Economic Forum in Cape Town in 2005.

Johan was keen to establish the GWF: "I was taken by the sense of urgency expressed by world leaders to find solutions to the water and sanitation problems, not only in Africa but other parts of the developing world. A source of healthy water is a fundamental right to everyone on earth, and there is so much the international community can do to help where the need is greatest." Johan acts as the GWF's International Director and raises the organization's funds from his office in Sarasota, Florida, USA.


minnie head.JPG

Minnie Hildebrand

Minnie Hildebrand is based in South Africa and has worked in the water and sanitation sector for more than 2 decades. She is a regular speaker at international fora on issues pertaining to rural provision, the dire water and sanitation situation in urban slums in Africa, and technological innovations in the sector. Minnie is the Director for Africa and her role is to scan the continent for good projects and to provide assistance to communities and individuals to implement water and sanitation projects.

"The need in the water and sanitation sectors is enormous and the longer one works in the sector, the more pronounced your experiences are. The GWF fills a very specific niche in the water and sanitation and donor environments. We want to encourage social entrepreneurship, innovation and appropriate technologies. We will not stop until we have achieved this".