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with our latest initiative

We are requesting funding to provide aircraft, aircrew, and security teams to assist in the ongoing non-combatant evacuation operation in Afghanistan.



The Global Water Foundation (GWF) and its principal strategic partners, Coastal Defense Inc. (CDI) and the Save-Settle-Support Initiative (S3i), have united together as volunteers from veteran, NGO, and humanitarian crisis response backgrounds to join in a common goal during this tumultuous time in Afghanistan. 

Our goal is to supplement the broader evacuation and resettlement efforts of at-risk individuals in Afghanistan with civilian aviation teams and crisis response logistics working collaboratively to ensure the safe passage of our American citizens left behind and key Afghan partners out of harm’s way.

As the situation on the ground has evolved drastically day by day, our costs have also evolved. After the initial storm of getting people out through the US military system ended, the only option now is privately chartered air transportation into the region and we need YOUR HELP to cover the costs of fuel, pilots, and support teams. Please understand that we strive for full transparency and will pursue all diplomatic and legal paths to guarantee the safety and legitimacy of our humanitarian efforts, in full cooperation and coordination with the US government and its agencies. 

100% of the proceeds will go to the airlift and immediate humanitarian relief efforts for these evacuees. Our group will continue to coordinate flights as long as the need remains, conditions permit, and gracious donations endure. If we have funds remaining after the evacuation period is complete, they will go to the resettlement agencies designated to support these Afghan evacuees as they await the long months of processing or resettlement in a new country.

We thank you for your support and promise to never stop working to bring safety and support to those who need it most.



Global Water Foundation’s primary partner for Operation Afghan Extraction is Coastal Defense Inc. (CDI). For this effort, GWF and CDI have partnered with several global strategic operators including S3i, SAVE-SETTLE-SUPPORT INITIATIVE to work in conjunction with the White House, Department of Defense, several current and former Members of Congress.

The Global Water Foundation is in the service of humanity: to help make the world a better place, a healthier place, a safer place and ultimately a place of peace and prosperity. All projects and programs funded by the Global Water Foundation have the same goal: to make the world a better place for all.

Coastal Defense Inc. (CDI) is a U.S. Service Disabled-Veteran-owned small business, which specializes in providing comprehensive aviation support to both civilian and military agencies globally and domestically. CDI has extensive experience operating in support of the U.S. military, in particular, special operations forces. Among CDI’s many capabilities are: fixed-wing transport/lift supports; intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR) support; and fixed-wing and rotary-wing (helicopter) lift support. CDI’s teams match the right tools, capabilities, and technology with mission requirements to ensure success. CDI’s past clients include USSOCOM, MARSAC, NATO, and many others.

SAVE-SETTLE-SUPPORT INITIATIVE S3i focuses on finding, evacuating, resettling, and supporting persecuted persons in the wake of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. They have become targets of the Taliban due to their roles as professors, doctors, lawyers, reporters, and more. To extract these persons we need large sums of money for secure transportation, food and water, medical support, immigration, legal support, and eventual reintegration. Find out more about S3i or request assistance.

Johan Kriek, 2-Time Australian Open Winner

"A source of healthy water is a fundamental right to everyone, and there is so much the international community can do to help where the need is greatest."

- Johan Kriek

Johan Kriek, of Johan Kriek Tennis Academy, is a 2-time Australian Open Champion and 4-time Wimbledon Senior Doubles Champion. Johan is a native of South Africa and established the GWF in 2006.

We Need Your Help!

We have access to aircrafts ready to extract individuals immediately as airport conditions permit, but WE NEED YOUR HELP to cover the costs of fuel, pilots, and support teams. We are currently seeking donations to provide aid and a lifeline to those who may face brutality or reprisal under the incoming regime. In the wake of the turbulent American departure from Afghanistan, thousands face the grim specter of oppressive Taliban rule.